Jayden Jaymes Rubs Her Pussy After Working Out

Friday, February 21, 2014 15:35

Luscious and delicious porn hottie Jayden Jaymes just finished an intense work out. Now she’s in the locker room, ready to cool down, but she’s feeling all hot and bothered. Her muscles got a work out but her cunt muscles want one too. She slips her hand into her little red pants and her pussy is wet and ready for action.

There’s nothing that Jayden Jaymes likes better than cumming and her fingers have all the skill she needs to get the job done right. The fact that you’re watching her just makes it that much hotter. This locker room is about to echo with her loud moaning!

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Jayden Jaymes Takes a Break to Show Off Her Pussy

Saturday, December 7, 2013 20:31

Jayden Jaymes doesn’t let a little thing like remodeling the basement bathroom get in the way of a good time! With her crazy knee length, high-heeled boots, garter belt and starry scarf, you have to wonder if she didn’t plan on getting freaky from the beginning! As it works out, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a look at her beautiful, full breasts and immaculate ass as she pushes them both out for your inspection.

Sitting on the toilet never looked so pretty as she fingers her juicy pussy and spreads her lips for you. No matter what she’s doing, Jayden Jaymes can turn any task into a sexy time.

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Jayden Jaymes takes on Keiran’s big dick

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 6:25

Jayden Jaymes takes archery lessons from Keiran and eventually challenges him to a contest. Keiran is easily distracted by boobies, so obviously he loses and then obviously he fucks her, cause what else is he gonna do? Just give her an archery lesson and then they both go their separate ways? Pff! If that were the case, I wouldn’t want to live in this world. See Jayden Jaymes fuck Keiran at Brazzers.

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Jayden Jaymes Strips Out of Swimsuit to Show Off Busty Bod

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 14:21

Beautiful and sexy brunette Jayden Jaymes is a gilded, gorgeous handful in this sequined one-piece swimsuit. Easy access from the word go, her warm, golden globes are exposed and radiate the sun’s warmth, aching for hands to touch and stroke. As her swimsuit slips over her round, curvy bottom, the full beautiful of this hour-glass figure is revealed, right down to her spunky red-bottomed heels.

Jayden Jaymes shows off her pussy and ass from behind and from the front, pressing her fingers into secret places full of delicious wetness. A soft, inviting chair wraps around her ivory body to support her pelvic thrusts as she eases into ecstatic orgasm.

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Jayden Jaymes Strips Down to Her Seamed Fishnet Stockings

Sunday, October 27, 2013 5:35

Seamed stockings never looked better than when they run up the back of Jayden Jaymes long, sexy legs. Her curvy ass and tasty titties are ready for action and those black stilettos cannot wait to wrap around your waste while her hot pussy encircles your hard cock.

Jayden Jaymes’ long black hair is the perfect hand hold as she rides you hard with those hot, firm breasts slapping against your chest. Put your hands on her shapely hips and show her the rhythm of fucking you want. As long as her throbbing clit is feeling the action, she will soon be cumming down your ball sack.

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Jayden Jaymes Loves Having Anal Sex Outdoors

Thursday, October 24, 2013 5:20

Jayden Jaymes is one kinky hardcore lady and when she gets fucked, she wants it hard and deep. Her tight little asshole is seriously hungry for some good fucking and she’ll get it all stretched out wide with pleasure!

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Jayden Jaymes Shows Gets Double-Teamed by Big Black Cocks

Sunday, October 20, 2013 5:20

Jayden Jaymes is gorgeous, sexy, and one totally kinky minx. This horny nympho loves to fuck and when she can get two black cocks at once, even better – but watch out because this babe is totally insatiable! Nothing beats Jayden Jaymes in interracial sex scenes!

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Jayden Jaymes and Friend Enjoy Big Black Cock in Interracial Threesome

Thursday, September 19, 2013 23:33

Sexy redheaded Jayden Jaymes and her tantalizing brunette friend are sharing a horny afternoon in bed with a sexy black hunk. They love sharing his cock – taking turns tasting his long hard man meat. These babes spend time licking and sucking on each other, as well, making sure those pussies are wet and ready to accommodate his thick hard girth.

Jayden Jaymes and friend want to spend the afternoon finding new ways to cum and as insatiable as their stud is, they just might learn a lot. Let’s see just how juicy these two babes end up by the time they are finished cumming!

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Jayden Jaymes Spends Hot Afternoon Fucking on the Couch

Monday, September 16, 2013 9:44

Jayden Jaymes loves it when her favorite lover comes over. They can barely keep their hands off each other and almost right away, they are naked and on the couch. She loves to straddle his lap and impale her pussy on his long firm rod.

He fucks her from behind and lays her on the couch and every time they shift their movements, he thrusts harder. She gets so hungry for cock that she fingers her tight little ass hole while he’s pounding her cunt. Soon, Jayden Jaymes has his cock buried in her ass while she cums. Then she gets her favorite finish – a facial cream shower!

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Jayden Jaymes Loves to Get Naked For You

Saturday, September 14, 2013 8:42

Succulent brunette hottie Jayden Jaymes is in the mood for some sexy naked fun. She rests on satin sheets in black lingerie and a white shirt, but none of her clothes are going to stay on for very long. She slips off her shirt and bra, baring her delicious titties. She’d love to feel your fingers and tongue flicking her tight little nipples until her pussy is juicy wet.

Just fantasizing about it is enough to do the job, however, and soon Jayden Jaymes is opening her pussy lipsx up to deep her fingers inside. This beautiful babe is all about making herself cum.

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Jayden Jaymes Enjoys Hardcore Sucking and Couch Fucking

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 5:45

Watching Jayden Jaymes wrap her lush lips around a nice thick cock is practically a religious experience. This brunette hottie can give you an orgasm just by looking at you and flashing that sexy smile. When she gets her man rock hard and throbbing, this horny honey lays back on the couch and opens her pussy to receive his thick dick.

Then she climbs on for an amazing ride. Jayden Jaymes loves the way his thick girth fills her up and slams home, making her cum repeatedly and cover his meat with pussy juice. When he covers her with spunk, it will be the ultimate reward!

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Jayden Jaymes Slips Off Black Dress For Naked and Naughty Time in Bed

Saturday, August 31, 2013 3:39

Jayden Jaymes is absolutely stunning in her sexy little black halter dress. This tempting brunette beauty is all made up of sensuous curves and gorgeous features – and everything about her screams, “fuck me!” When you see her turn this way and that in her backless dress, showing you the way it hugs her fine ass, it’s a total turn on.

But Jayden Jaymes loves to get naked and she wastes no time making that happen now. This creamy babe is ready for you and she’s got the naked hotness to prove it! Feast your eyes on her beauty, and your mouth on her pussy!

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Jayden Jaymes Strips to Show Off Naked Body From Teal Dress

Friday, August 23, 2013 3:01

Sexy brunette pornstar Jayden Jaymes is looking tantalizing in a teal dress with black trim. The form fitting garment clings to every deliciously succulent curve of her body, and the material is just see-thru enough to really drive you crazy. She turns around and leans her hands on the wall and her smoking hot ass crack peeks out at you. All she’d have to do is lift that skirt one more inch and you’d see her pussy.

Jayden Jaymes sits on the floor and spreads her legs, allowing you to feast your eyes on her juicy goodness – and then – the toy comes out!

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Jayden Jaymes and Destiny Dixon Share Lesbian Cum Session

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 5:26

When deliciously hot and beautiful sexy babes Jayden Jaymes and Destiny Dixon decide to play hooky one afternoon and stay in bed together, you know it’s going to be a lesbian love fest! These gorgeous vixens are seriously hungry and eager for action and right from the beginning, they are tantalizing each others’ sensuous body.

They strip and caress and touch. Then the real fun begins as Jayden Jaymes and Destiny Dixon lick cunts and a beautiful pink dildo to make each other cum hard. That’s only the beginning of the sexy fun these nympho hotties are up to today!

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Jayden Jaymes Strips Out of Fishnet Lingerie

Monday, July 29, 2013 13:56

Gorgeous brunette pornstar Jayden Jaymes just loves to play dress up. The smoking hot babe is looking super sexy fine in her fishnet bodysuit and knee high black boots. Her hair is pinned up in a messy sex pile of hair and her sweet titties are looking ripe and ready with deliciously hard nipples. She turns around and shows off one of the hottest asses ever seen.

Then the horny hottie slowly strips off the fishnet, and her naked skin gleams with health. You know you want to touch her. Jayden Jaymes slips a finger into her tight little hole, showing you exactly where she wants your cock.

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